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Letters to Who I Used to Be

User submitted letters to their past selves.


Dear Journal...

As I laid comfortably, my youngest thought that now was the time to snuggle. However, her snuggling consisted of laying on top of my back...


I've been struggling what to write about lately. And then it hit me. Write about what you know, what you've gone through. Perseverance is...

90s Nostalgia

I've gotten into this habit that before I go to bed, I'll play music for a little jam session. Lately I've been falling back into the...


I give up when the going gets hard. That's it. I'm done, there's nothing left. But then I think about the what ifs. What if I had kept...

A Thanksgiving Thought

It's typical on this day for us to give thanks to the little things. Sometimes even to the material things. But for me, and hopefully for...


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