Okay, so in my almost 32 years, I've built some habits that are hard to break...check em out:



  1. I am constantly buying snacks. My children have taken on the thing where they are constantly looking for something to eat. We all do it so whenever I'm at the store, if I see a good deal on chips or granola bars, I'm sold. 

  2. I buy books but I let them collect dust. As much as I spend on a good book, I tend to let them sit for awhile before I read them.

  3. I overuse hand sanitizer. I guess that's not such a bad thing now. I work at middle school so whenever I touch an id or process doctors notes I wash my hands and sanitize. I keep baby wipes handy if I can't make it to the sink.

  4. I tell my kids I love them as often as I can. When my dad died, it was sudden. I talked to him on a Tuesday and he passed that Thursday. After that I never take for granted cherishing my loved ones every day I'm on this earth.

  5. I let my laundry linger for a couple of days. I'm pretty sure every one does this. I've done the easy part of getting them washed. I have a chair and special basket in my place that gets angry at the piles I leave in them. Eventually I get to them but I'm not a person who does my laundry right away. 

  6. I develop ideas but never follow through. I can't tell you how many blogs I've created. As much as I love writing, I struggle with finding the motivation that it takes to be consistent. But 2020, it's time to break that habit. 

  7. When I like a song, I repeat. and repeat. and repeat and repeat again. I can't help it when I find a song with a good beat and catchy words. 

  8. I see your text but I'm telling you that I truly got distracted. I'm that person! I won't realize that I've forgotten to respond until you think I'm mad at you. I promise, I'm not mad, just distracted. 

  9. The gym and I become significant others for about a week and then we break up. Don't get me wrong, I love when I'm lifting weights and giving it all I've got. I just can't keep up with it. I don't see how people can make it an everyday thing. 

  10. I buy now and regret later. No explanation necessary.

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