On days like this when I am sick as a dog, it is great when I can co parent with the girls' dad. For years I had been raising our oldest alone waiting for him to step up. It took a long time for us to find a balance and realize that the most important thing was for the girls to see us united. No matter how much he may upset me, I couldn't show it. Disrespecting their dad in front of them isn't an option and the effects can be even more tragic when they are older.


I'm not telling you it's easy to set aside your differences. Some days you only agree on maybe 10% of the decisions you  make together. But it's about compromise and learning that this parenting this isn't about us. It's about the two beautiful girls who have allowed us to be their parents in good times and bad. 


With co parenting, it is best that both parents are on the same page. If your kid isn't allowed to use electronics at moms house, hopefully dad is on board to repeat the same action (vice versa). When their behavior is bad, your child shouldn't think as if they will get away with it at the other parents house. Sticking together is key to being great co parents. 

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