I hate dating. Maybe it's why I've been single for as long as I have. I think it's time consuming and sometimes can lead to you wasting your time. When you meet someone you think has potential, a red flag pops up and then you're starting all over again. I guess that's the whole purpose of it all. 


For me, dating has led to finding someone who wasn't emotionally there. He was standing right in front of me but his heart and emotions were just too damaged to share with anyone else. I've had to compete with his past in order for him to attempt to focus on his future. By then I'm second guessing whether or not this is someone I want to go through this with for the rest of my life. 


It doesn't help that I find myself being a bit pickier. In today's society you don't know who's behind the profile picture. You can talk for hours, arrange a meeting and then the total opposite of what you were expecting walks in. Do you stay or make a run for the door?  Then the question becomes is the outside more important than the inside? But my pickiness is more about the girls. I've seen the stories in the news and It scares me to think that the person I could potentially fall for could bring harm to my beautiful babies. I would love to do background checks with everyone I meet but that might be extreme...right?


My co workers believe that I need to play the field. That I shouldn't go looking but just have fun with it all. But doesn't the fun wear off eventually or am I just reading too much into it? Then again they are all married so I'm pretty sure they know more about the dating life than I do in my almost 32 years. 


So at this point in time I think that I'm just going to play it cool. Join the dating scene and see if potential is out there. After all, I'm looking for someone to be different from what I've always searched for...that's it y'all, I'm headed to Love is Blind!

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