To Tame those curls

I am a big fan of the kids Cantu line. I love what it does to define the texture of her curls.


Cantu for Kids

This line is great. I love what it does to define Harpers curls. Sunday's are usually our wash day so the shampoo and conditioner are my go to. After a good wash and detangle, I place a good handful of the curling cream throughout her hair. I want it to soak in while refreshing the curls and getting rid of all the fizz. If we are having a ponytail type of  day, the styling custard whips her hair right into shape!


Infusium 23

My hair dresser suggested this product when do my daughters hair dry. Instead of using water, replace it with the Infusium 23. It works wonders and leaves her curls soft and less frizzy.