A Little Bit of Peace and Unity

Like many others, I grew up in a military family. Diversity was all we knew. My parents, with no family around, depended on their fellow brothers and sisters in uniform to show love and kindness as much as a stranger could at each new duty station we went. From this, my mentality grew to adapt, to love those in different religions, skin colors and beliefs because in the end, we all have something to teach one another whether good or bad.

2020 opened our eyes to the things that were already in front of us, we just refused to recognize. Hate simmered but began to boil over as we brought to light the injustices of black and brown people. Controversy grew as police brutality came to the forefront. It was a reality that the media could no longer ignore. We saw how the simple concept of wearing a mask and staying home to protect each other brought such anger and disarray. But most of all, we learned that separate points of view could no longer be expressed, that our differences could no longer be tolerated or a common ground could not be found.

As I sat and watched the capitol be overcome with chaos, I wondered when instead of fighting, we choose to do better, be better and speak better for the sake of our children and the sake of the world.

But as much as I want to hold my head down and be angry, I cannot. I am choosing to find unity. What I want for my future and the future of my kids, is to see the division stop. I want them to grow in a world destined for greatness instead of recession. I want them to experience the miracles of health care, the advancement of technology, and the idea that they can be who ever they want to be without judgment or stares. I want my daughters to love themselves without believing in the idea that they need to be skinnier or dress in luxury but most of all I want my daughters to not fear for their lives because they spoke up and stood out.

So as we progress further into the new year, I hope that we all learn the true concept of peace and unity. That we stand for what is right and advocate for change no matter the barriers. I want us to work hard to become financially stable and achieve the dreams that we set aside for so long. And no matter what, we do not allow others to break our peace. Because hate should no longer exist or be tolerated in our world or in our hearts.

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