I give up when the going gets hard.

That's it. I'm done, there's nothing left.

But then I think about the what ifs. What if I had kept going? What if I had kept my dream alive?

I'm trying something different. I'm opening myself up to the idea that even if all the work I put in goes nowhere, I tried. Because trying means I made an effort. Because trying means I did want I wanted to do, give hope and my dreams a chance.

Barriers make us rethink and overthink. Is this the right direction? Am I going to accomplish my goal(s)? Am I going to make it?

Barriers stop us from obtaining the things we've worked for time after time. It halts us in our tracks, sometimes without a reason.

For me, barriers told me that I wouldn't make it through school.

Barriers told me that being a single mother was more than I could handle.

Barriers told me that I wouldn't reignite my passion.

But the barriers lied.

You see, in order to not allow our barriers to define us, we must remain in a positive mindset. We must always believe in ourselves even when those stupid chips are stacked against us (cliche, I know). We do not put our future in the hands of our barriers. We fight and we keep moving forward with our heads held high.

Goodby barriers, hello...anything.

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