If I Could Change the World...

I hate it. We judge at the drop of a dime. It's a habit we've engrained in our minds. That's what I would change. The ability for us to create acceptance.

Growing up, both parents were in the military. My dad did 20 years and my mom did 4. I was lucky enough to travel to many different states. It was an experience that I will always remember. The great thing about growing up in this environment is that my siblings and I learned to adapt a bit easily than others. Every 3-3 1/2 years we knew we were moving on to something new. It was time to see a new place and make new friends.

And it was then I discovered that although we weren't surrounded by people who looked like us, we were surrounded by a village that went through the countless times of starting over. The military became our family. Diversity was all we knew. There wasn't a time, at least one that i can remember that we weren't taken care of.

As kids, we accepted our friends for who they were and they accepted us. Now that I am older, I learned how lucky I was to understand that we're not all the same. My best friends are white, hispanic and a mixture of everything. They're gay, straight, crazy, not crazy, moms, aunts, introverted, extroverted and everything in between. But each of them have a characteristic that makes them unlike the other. And each of them doesn't hesitate to tell me when I'm out of my mind or in the right place. They take me for who I am, no matter how moody I can be.

My wish is that most people can be this way. That we take the blinders off and open our hearts along with our minds. It's extremely important that I raise my kids knowing that this world is full of good and bad but they should never be afraid to defend what is right even when others might not agree with their opinions.

One person can't change the world with just a wish but maybe I can leave my imprint just a little bit at a time.

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