Love is Blind

So many of you have heard Netflix has a new show call "Love is Blind". I think it's a great concept but is it real? Is the idea that love is blind true? I want to believe what we look like on the outside doesn't discredit who we are on the inside. You can be the most gorgeous/handsome person in the world but the lack of intelligence and understanding should make you do a double take. There's also the idea that race is a non factor. There are some people in this world who wouldn't consider dating outside their race. The idea in fact, may repulse them. But because the way I was raised has been so diverse, I could never see any wrong loving who I loved whether they are black, white, asian, and so on. Love is love no matter who they are or where they come from.

I'd like to think that the idea of falling in love with someone without seeing them is simple. That we only fall in love with their voice, their story and everything that we trust them telling us. But then when reality sets in we have to figure out if we can trust in the words they say and that our love is stronger than any storm that may come our way.

If you think about it, thinking love is blind isn't a foreign concept. When online dating first came about we put our trust in photos and the words typed through a keyboard. Then cat fishing came about and scared the shit out of us. There's also the fearful notion of not knowing who's behind the computer screen or text messages. We basically put our trust in the belief that the bond we've built without seeing each other will keep the relationship strong and when we reveal our true selves, the other person will look at our bond and recognize the strength in our love. They will have no other choice than to focus on the bond than appearance or faults.

So the question that still remains is love blind? Can we truly let our hearts feel for a person we've never met? Can we set aside the fear of being deceived to find the person we are truly meant to be with? I'd like to think that most people long for a thriving connection and a love that withstands time. But maybe I'm wrong. What are your thoughts?

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