Mental Health Awareness

2020 has really taken a toll on everyone. It's challenged us to look at ourselves, our family and the things that matter the most.

This year has also challenged us to recognize the importance of our mental health, a topic that many people have been afraid to talk about.

My mental health has become even more important because I am a mother, a sister and a friend. If I don't take care of me, then who picks up the pieces?

Taking care of your mental health shouldn't be seen as you're weak or that there is something wrong with you. Taking care of your mental health shows're finally taking care of yourself, the one person you may have neglected for so long.

Mental health brings awareness to the fact that we all have something we want to work on...we all have something that we want to improve. For me, it's how I express my emotions and control my anger. If you know me, I can go from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. And I've learned that even though I use it as a defense mechanism, there are better ways to approach a situation. Anger is not necessarily one of them.

Would you like to know how I learned this? Therapy. During the pandemic I chose to do something I've held off of for some time. It was the greatest step of my life. I'm not perfect, but I am learning. My mental health is important, especially if I want to teach those around me a thing or two.

The reason I am choosing to share this with you in such an open forum is because we all have to be there to support one another. We all have to share our stories and know that it doesn't make us any less of a person. We can say "we're in this together," but are we really? I am at least. I'm in this with you. For my daughters, for my family, for my friends and my co-workers who teach me how to be better everyday.

So my challenge to you is to tell your story. Don't be afraid and do not allow anyone to make you feel less than who you truly are. You matter and whether you believe it or not, your mental health matters. So take care of yourself. Your family will be okay if you take a step and take care of you. You've got this and I am here to show you that you are not alone!

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