My Top "After the Pandemic" Travel Destinations

Ah, the pandemic has really derailed plans. I mean I didn't travel much before so I didn't realize how necessary it could be just to get away, even if its a stay-cation. I decided to become a travel agent (yes, during the pandemic) because I wanted the freedom to go on trips without having to stretch my pockets. With two kids, sometimes prices aren't too reasonable. Now, I am determined to get out and travel the world, with the girls and without. Let's be real, sometimes this single mom might need a getaway of her own.

In preparation of clear skies, I've picked a few places that I want to go within the next year or two. Check it out!

  1. Italy (Anywhere to be honest)

  2. Glendale, Arizona

  3. San Francisco, California

  4. Austin, Texas

  5. London, England

  6. Walt Disney World in Florida & Universal Studios in Florida

  7. Costa Rica

  8. Las Vegas, Nevada

  9. Dallas, Texas

  10. Virginia ( I have so many family and friends I'd like to see)

There are plenty of more places to add to the list but right now, I am taking the time to plan ahead and figure out the attractions I would like us to visit. The great thing about many of these destinations is that they are family friendly. Do you have any places you want to go or any recommendations? You know where to find me if you have any ideas.

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