I've been struggling what to write about lately.

And then it hit me. Write about what you know, what you've gone through.

Perseverance is not something I take lightly. I had to find it and work hard to keep it. Some days I wanted to give up because I didn't think I could tackle the barriers. But then I looked at my daughters and asked myself what I wanted them to see.

I want them to see their mommy creating a life for them. Not one of luxury or materialistic things but one that prides them on loving everything about themselves. I wanted my girls to understand that life isn't exactly roses or those beautiful sunflowers. Sometimes it's full of clouds and rainy days.

But then, as you walk out of your struggles you begin to find your way. That is what I want my girls to see. That no matter your fight, you have to keep on pushing.

So through those long study nights, COVID, interning, full-time work, I wanted to succeed at my dreams. And I did. When I tell you it is the most defining thing, IT IS THE MOST DEFINING THING.

To have perseverance means to overcome your not settle for failure but to achieve the idea that your possibilities are endless. Perseverance means to walk in the fear that things may not go as planned but that with faith, with hope and with strength, you'll gain a renewed sense of fight.

In the end you have to be your own architect. You have to create the life you want to live. No one is going to do it for you and you shouldn't expect them to.

So as I always say, don't give up. Be the change you want to see.

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