Stop Comparing Yourself to Others...

For the longest time, I thought about what others said or did. I felt that by comparison my life hadn't shown much promise but I was 25 and still trying to figure out life. I took off, moved to LA and saw my world change...drastically. Now, I am a single mother of two wonderful girls.

My days are filled with laughter, bickering, grabbing snacks, toddler poop and love. Some days are more overwhelming than others. But when I think about where or who I could be, I don't want it any other way.

It's so easy to get caught up in the idea of what society expects of you. When you fail, you drown in your sorrows and disappointments. You forget that every day is a new day and when you fall, you're supposed to get back up.

We are all different. Our aspirations are unlike any other. Are their similarities in our dreams? Absolutely. But we as individuals make the life we want.

To me, writing is much better than speaking. You see, when my fingers hit the keyboard, I get lost in the thought. I type whatever I feel and my hope is that others connect, someway, somehow. The idea of putting yourself out there is absolutely terrifying. Judgments do exist and people have the ability to take those judgments and try to tear you down. But what I've realized is that who I am and who I become from this point on is up to my own creation.

Being like someone other than me takes away some of the best parts of my life. It takes away the idea that we are unique and that whatever circumstance we've been through builds character. Comparing myself to you means that I've stopped loving who I am and that the things that make me have little value.

My body does not speak perfection. My beauty is not defined on the ideas of the perfect weight or the perfect look. Who I am as a mother comes from endless amounts of self healing and love. Failing does not make me want to give up. These are the things that gratify my spirts and speaks to my soul.

So if you ever find yourself comparing who you are to that person in the magazine, your best friend, your sibling, your enemy or just someone you think is better, remember that God created man and woman in his own image. Whether you believe in him or not, he made you special. You are the only person that can define your life, your attitudes and your actions.

Be who you want to be and don't think about what others say. Don't hold back who you are just to make someone else comfortable. Most of all you need to be your truth, whatever that may be and never let it go.

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