Things That Make My Life More Peaceful

Peace. It's a brilliant concept. In this past year, I took a journey to find what makes me happy. I cared too much what others thought about me as a mother and as a woman. It was simply exhausting to be honest. Soon enough I made a list of the things I found peace in:

  1. Not giving a damn. Think about it. We spend so much time caring what others think about us that we take away from the positives in our life. The approval of others consumes us until we lose focus. There came a time where one person could raise my blood pressure. Every time that person spoke, you could boil an egg on me but then I thought about whether or not that person had the same reaction about me. Nope, the person was too oblivious to the truth. It was then that I took a step back and realized I can't care this much. I don't want to spend my life allowing someone to steal away my joy.

  2. Music. I can't sing worth two pennies but I don't care. There's nothing like belting out the notes to a Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey song in the shower, in your car or when you're alone in your apartment. It's a great time and sort of therapeutic. Don't be afraid to use your voice even if you sound like a cat in heat.

  3. Reading. There's nothing like a good book and a good blanket. When the girls go to bed, I like to sit on the couch and just read. However, I've made it a habit lately to buy books just to put in my read pile. I think I've overdone it but I know I'll have plenty to read on a rainy day.

  4. Writing. It brings me peace. So much. There are some people in this world that can stumble over the words they speak out loud. But when they put pen to paper, the words flow and the meaning of everything spoken is relayed clear as day. It's me...I'm that person. I've learned that a simple journal can help ease the thoughts in my head. Whether it's about finances or the great day I had, just grabbing a notebook and writing it all out makes a difference. You can even go to sleep with a clear mind.

  5. Dancing. OOOOOOOO let my song come on. I'll run to the dance floor in a heartbeat. It's one of my favorite things to do with my friends and with my daughters. I'm lucky that they developed the music and dancing genes. Our dance parties are off the chain. That Kidz Bop Kids does something to you. In all seriousness, get up and tap your toes a little bit. Who cares who is watching. Remember, we're not giving a damn. Dance to your favorite song even if it's one that makes you sob. You sob and you dance. Feel the flow and let it all out.

  6. Video games. Just try it. You just might like it. Plus, you can use it as bonding time with your kiddos! I love me some Pokemon or Mario Kart. It is extremely satisfying when I defeat my oldest. Most times she's the winner so when I get that 1 win, I'm over the moon. It doesn't last long because it just motivates her to do better. Step outside your box and do something that you'd turn away from. It doesn't hurt to try even if ends up not being your cup of tea.

  7. Baking. I am no way a cooker. I'd rather order a pizza and some brownie bites than to have to get in the kitchen. The idea of following recipes and then it still not coming out right burns my britches. I'm better at baking a good strawberry cake or baking the girls some cookies. I'm not talking about from scratch because that's a very intense process. I just enjoy the smell of desserts in the oven. It gives me a sense of home.

  8. My tribe. My mom, my sister and my best friends put my mind at ease. They know me well enough to decide if I'm being overdramatic or if my concern is genuine. I look to them when my days are rough and when I can't contain my happiness. My tribe is what helped me through my lonely pregnancies and struggles. There's no better peace in knowing that your support system has your back through both good and bad times.

When you get to a point when the simple things in life bring you peace, you become committed to not allowing the negative bring you down. Don't let it impact you, let it change you for the better.

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