Top 5 Items Under 20$ My Purse Can't Live Without

For anyone that knows me, my purse is a savior. I mean if you need hand sanitizer, snacks, lotion, bandaids (a mini first aid kit), vaseline, and what ever else you can think of, I've got you set.

1. Hand sanitizer. Unfortunately this item is on high demand. I remember there was a time I didn't have to worry about not having stock on hand because no one really focused on it as much as I did. I'm a germ freak so not only do I over wash my hands but the sanitizer is out in an instant. Hopefully I can go back to what's normal soon.

2. Chapstick. Let's be honest. I buy one, lose it, then go out and buy another, only to find the original one I had. One of my pet peeves is when my lips get so chapped, I stop functioning. I start to get paranoid that people are looking at my lips. Then I pick and lick them so I can at least put on a front that they aren't dry. Is this just me or anyone else?

3. Wipes. As a mom of two, I can't go without these. Just imagine giving your kids Cheetos and you have nothing to clean their hands and mouth with. You find a random napkin in your car but you don't even have a water bottle to get it wet. Que the wipes. Saves the day every time. I actually prefer the Walmart brand over most. I find that the Huggies wipes in particular tend to dry out a bit faster.

4. Deodorant. I even take this bad boy with me to clubs and bars. Just ask my friends. I hate the idea of being musty especially in an overcrowded place. You won't be blaming me for the sweaty armpit odor...not today. I keep it handy 24/7. Sometimes I'll have an extra in my car just in case I forget to put it in my purse. I like to get the two packs so I won't run out. Deodorant is essential for me.

5. Bandaids. My oldest is clumsy. The moment she gets hurt it can go two I'm okay stop worrying or the world is about to end. The key is to get to her before she can even realize the pain lol. I remember my mom, brother and myself were in a store and he cut himself. Who did they look to? ME. I whipped out my first aid kit and put my brother back together. Call me supermom.

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