TV Shows That Need to Be Seen

Now is the time to start your binge watching.

1. Little Fires Everywhere. If you haven't started watching yet, get on it. This show is great. You get to see two different parenting styles from a rich woman and one without a steady income. One raises her child with love for the little things while the other wants her children to focus on what money can do for you and the things you want to accomplish. It also speaks on race and stereotypes. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington are in their element. I was certainly surprised to see Joshua Jackson. The thing is though, I can only see him as Pacey and I loved Pacey. I've always been a fan so I can't wait to see where this show goes. The first three episodes are now on Hulu.

2. On My Block- The new season is out March 11th and I'm dying to binge. When we left off the crew had been kidnapped. What's next? The second season for me was super emotional but I loved it. Now I'm ready to see what season 3 is going to bring. This is definitely a show you should be watching. Favorite characters? Monse and Diego

“Here's looking at you, kid.”


3. Love is Blind- Okay, can you really fall in love and marry someone you just met in a matter of weeks...APPARENTLY YOU CAN. I love this show because it brings in a lot of discussion. Can you put aside what someone looks like and love them for who they are on the inside? That is the question for us all.

4. YOU- Look, I wasn't into it when I thought I'd watch the first episode. Can I just tell you how addicting this show is? Season two was even better. Now there's someone new in the mix but we've got to wait a bit to find out. Ohhh who wants this type of love?

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