What I Learned About Living On My Own...

1. The dishes aren't going to magically disappear. - I've invested in paper plates and plastic silverware. I HATE them that much.

2. No more mommy breaks. I grew into this habit of finding my mom and seeing if she can watch the girls for a few minutes so I can slip away and eat a candy bar to myself. It's impossible now, like I have to share.

3. The laundry also isn't going to magically disappear. In fact, it tends to sit on a chair for a minimum of 2-3 days. I think the chair has began to resent me.

4. I have to spend my own money on groceries...Don't get me wrong, when I lived with my mom I bought many groceries but now I buy them 100%. And just like I did until I was today years old, my kids like to grab as many snacks that their non working selves won't pay for. I get it mom. I get it.

5. I can't just order fast food. Goodbye Canes. Goodbye McDonalds. Goodbye the unhealthy lifestyle. Besides the fact that the money spent on fast food can go to a substantial amount of groceries, I have to cook. Like not microwave cook but put pasta in a pot and time it so it doesn't overcook. Did I mention 5 out of 7 days my kids love mommy's pasta?

6. I have to clean the bathroom. JUST GREAT.

7. There's an at home concert every night. My Harper likes to sing. All the time. Like I mean she doesn't stop. I tell her she sounds beautiful. And then that makes her sing more. So I listen. To every word. Every night. Did I mention she choreographs these songs?

8. Siblings have a love hate relationship. My mom never told me this. Or maybe she did and I decided not to listen. So there's that.

9. It's okay to stock up on pie and wine. Do I need an explanation?

10. I refuse to homeschool. My kid is in kinder and her math problems have me under stress. On top of that she has ten million subjects and SHE WILL NOT SIT STILL. I mean did I learn this stuff in school? I don't remember elementary homework was this intimidating.

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