I grew up with 2 siblings, an older sister and brother. It was great going through life knowing I had two people I would forever be connected with. We've had our ups and downs but I couldn't imagine life without them.


I'll admit it. Having two girls can be challenging sometimes especially if they are total opposites. Some days they love each other and other days they are fussing tremendously with one another.


After having Harper, I never expected to have another child. It was scary constantly thinking about how I was going to care for two children. But as time went by, I understood that God does things for a reason. The bond Harper and Zuri has is unconditional. The two are crazy about each other. Even with the 4 1/2 year age difference, the two are connected at the hip.


As a mom of two I find it important to give them both their separate time with mom and dad. Especially for my oldest. The adjustment to have a sibling seemed to go easy for Harper. She had her moments where she would become needy but I had to understand it was part of the transition. I had to ensure Harper that everything was going to be okay and as I did that, she understood her sister was here to add to her life not take it over. 


One thing my mother always instilled in us is the importance of forgiving our siblings and not fighting as much as we can. She wanted us to know that we were all each other had and the little things weren't going to matter in the end. She never wanted us to go to bed or start the day off angry with each other. And for our part, we tried as best as we could to keep the peace. Now, I make sure my girls try and get along. I know they are still young but I want them to appreciate one another and not beat each other up.


As parents we should always be making sure that no kid feels less important than their sibling. The reality is that they are going to feel that way and it is up to us to show the equality of our love. There's nothing like having a sibling to come home to everyday and they should always remember that. 

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