Image by Bernard Hermant

Okay, so my kids don't get stuck to the television because their too busy playing dolls. But when they do get the urge to watch, we've found some great stuff. And yes, it's definitely appropriate. Check out our watch list. You just might find something you'll want to watch.


Trolls: The Beat Goes On (Netflix)

If you loved the movies, you're sure to love the show. We get a lot of laughs and Poppy still runs the show.

Barbie: Dream House Adventures (Netlfix)

It's a bit of nostalgia for me. To see my girls loving something I grew up with is pretty amazing. Also, did you know Barbie has a last name?! We've watched all the seasons but we still go back from time to time to watch again. Great show!

Bluey (Disney+)

We stream Bluey quite often. Both my seven and two year old enjoy Bluey. It's a great play on families being together and learning from one another in good or bad scenarios.

The Baby Sitters Club (Netflix)

This is such a great remake for my oldest to watch. I found each girls story a great lesson for my kiddo. Not going to lie, my eyes were glued to the television along with hers. We hope and can't wait for a second season.

Julie and the Phantoms (Netflix)

We really loved this! I've seen it myself several times. Not really something for my youngest but it was a great popcorn and watch for me and my Harper. Definitely worth watching. Another great remake.

Super Hero Girls (Netflix)

Yas! This is a great empowerment show for girls and it has all the DC female superheroes! I so wish Netflix would add more but until then, we'll watch what's on there.

 Nailed It! (Netflix)

Nicole cracks us up and we love seeing what the contestants come up with. I wonder if they'll get someone who actually comes extremely close to the design. For now, we'll just enjoy the giggles.

We Can Be Heroes

I loved this movie! My daughter told me I just had to watch it. Made want to watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl but I didn't give in. This was just a all around great movie to watch with the kids. I loved seeing what powers children of superheroes would have. Could you imagine?

Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2

Both movies were great. I loved Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn as Mr and Mrs. Klaus. Great adventures and a fabulous view of the North Pole! Definitely should be on your watch list when you need some early Christmas cheer.