I learned very quickly that having a routine works for me. It isn't always easy to manage but I do my best to make sure the girls have something constant in their life. I have also found that staying on routine helps their day start off and end better. 



-wake up

-eat breakfast

-bath time with grandma (I leave for work when they wake up)

-get dressed (I lay their clothes out the night before)

-gather all items for school/daycare (I make sure to put things in one location so my mom can grab and go)

-out the door 



-home from school


-play time

-din din

-pajamas (bath if they are restless)

-tablet time (30 mins. to an hour)

-put on lullabies

-lights out 


*If I'm lucky, Zuri will fall asleep in her bed. If not, I'll turn off the lights, play some music and rub her back. She'll be out within 5 to 10 minutes.


When I had only one child, I didn't worry too much about preparation. It was quicker for me to do things the day of. Now, I'm ready the night before. When I have everything together the flow of things comes easier. My mind can relax a little. 


The thing about routine is that all parties involved must be on the same page. The girls' dad says I'm not a fan of going off of routine. He's right for the most part. Changes tend to throw me for a loop. Because we co parent, I like to make sure that their dad knows what's going on. I don't expect him to do it at his home but I would hope things are done similar so the girls don't go mad. 


Not every parent is going to have a routine. Some parents like to go with the flow and that's okay too. What matters is that the kids aren't running around in chaos and mama has some peace of mind. 

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